“KVOH – The Voice of Hope” is a world class shortwave radio station, based in Los Angeles, California, USA.  It is a ministry of the Strategic Communications Group.

We currently WorldCast 6 hours per day Mon-Fri on 17775 kHz in Spanish, and 2 hours per day at weekends on 9975 kHz in English. Our webstream relays all our shortwave WorldCasts live, and at other times carries repeats of earlier programming.

For details of our shortwave WorldCasts, see our Schedule.

Program content on the webstream is in Spanish and English, at the following times:

0700-2300 UTC – Spanish (3am-7pm Eastern)

2300-0700 UTC – English (7pm-3am Eastern)

Daystar Television carried a 5 minute interview with Rev. John Tayloe, recorded during his recent trip to Israel.

Strategic Communications Group President, Rev. John Tayloe, at the KVOH transmission facility:



The KVOH dual log periodic antenna:

IMG_0912 - crop